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This years program

The program for Chemistry Day 2023 is not ready yet. Feel free to look at the program from last year to get an impression of what you can expect at this year’s Kjemidagen.

Last year's program

10:00 Outside R1 - Opening with balloon release
10:15 - 15:00 Company stands
10:15 - 15:00 Speed-interview
11:00 - 13:00 Taking of photos for CV
11:15 - 12:00 R9 - Summer job marathon
12:30 - 13:15 R5 - Motivational speech w/ Dennis Siva Lie and Stian Sandø
14:15 - 14:45 R9 - Job marathon
18:30 Banquet at Thon Hotel Prinsen


All companies will have the opportunity in advance to reserve a separate room for a speed interview during the day. This is an exciting opportunity for students and companies, and a great opportunity for participating companies to find their next colleague.

Summer job marathon

Summer job marathon is an event where all companies that participate in Kjemidagen are given two minutes to present their summer jobs and summer program. This is a very popular event with good feedback from both companies and students.

Job marathon

Job marathon is a similar event to summer job marathon, but instead of summer jobs, participating companies are given the opportunity to briefly present their graduate programs, trainee positions, internships, master's theses, PhD positions, and full-time positions.

Motivational speech w/ Dennis Siva Lie and Stian Sandø

This year’s motivational lecture will be held by Dennis Siva Lie and Stian Sandø! Maybe you recognize Dennis as host of “God kveld Norge” and a participant of “Kompani Lauritzen”. Stian has previously participated in “Farmen Kjendis” and “Fangene på fortet”. Both Dennis and Stian have previously been hosts of “Newton”, and they both have an educational background in science and technology. The motivational lecture will be about how to have fun as a student while also balancing school and social life, and how to make everyday life better.

Banquet at Thon Hotel Prinsen

In the evening, a banquet will be arranged with company representatives and 4th and 5th year students. The banquet is an important part of Chemistry Day, and a great opportunity for companies to get to know our students better.