The planning of the next Kjemidagen is well under way, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the 19th of October!

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About Kjemidagen

Kjemidagen, «The chemistry day», which takes place at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), is a unique day focusing on engineering students within the Nanotechnology and Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology programmes. This is a career fair made both for and by students, which contributes to a great commitment and enthusiasm for the event. Kjemidagen is a popular event and of great interest for the students. Because of this, the attendance, support and interest from the students are always great. The event attracts students of all ages and all fields of study.


Kjemidagen’s biggest advantage is definitely the commitment the students show towards this day. As previously mentioned, this is an event made by and for students. Willingness to voluntary work, in addition to a passionate commitment, has contributed to make this event a success in the course of the years since its inception. This career fair involves each and every student in the 3rd grade, in addition to many volunteers. These people spend a lot of their time making Kjemidagen the best career fair at NTNU. We sincerely want the students to look forward to this day, seeing it as a pleasing and enriching event in comparison with regular career fairs.

Interaction and Communication

Last time Kjemidagen was organized as a physical career fair at campus, 23 companies participated, as well as many of NTNU’s institutes. We want to maintain this size of the event, in order to make both companies and students feel appreciated. In addition to this, we find that recruitment is so much more than just the combination of stands and presentations. With the purpose of giving the companies the possibility to get to know the students even better, we arrange a banquet in the evening. At the banquet, the entertainment and the subsequent party creates ideal frameworks for such establishments of new contacts.


Kjemidagen is a specialized career fair that mainly invites companies with competence within the key areas of chemistry such as material science, processing industry, nanotechnology and biotechnology. Such a specialized area of interest contributes to make this a unique career fair both for the invited companies and our students. Your company will meet interested students relevant for your business, and the students will meet a wide range of companies and businesses within their area of competence.


We want Kjemidagen to be a memorable event for both companies and students, and because of this, something is happening the whole day. The main purpose of the day is to create contact between students and the companies. To achieve this, we have facilitated different arenas where this can take place.

19. october
10:15-14:00Virtual stands on Graduateland
11:00-13:00NTNU Bridge and Karriere offer help in writing CV
Live presentation with Freyr
12.00-12.30Live presentation with Aker BP
12.45-13.15Live presentation with Elkem
14.15Scientific show with Forsker-Frédéric

Forsker-Frédéric is the playful showman of Trondheim science center!

A scientific show that is as inspiring as it is funny. Forsker-Frederic has a master in nanotechnology from NTNU, and is the science center’s unique communicator of science. Some of his characteristic include explosions, loud bangs, and exciting chemical reactions - all in the signs of natural science. Is it magic or is it chemistry? He has held a long list of shows, including Starmus-festivalen, Trondheim Maker Faire, Namsskogan Familiepark, Klovneløpet, Statens Vegvesen and more.

Forsker-Frédéric has been in all the NTNU videos about exams, so he is a known face for many students. He furthermore travels all over Norway, giving shows which are as fascinating as they are funny! As a student, you are familiar with all the phenomena of science of the world, but do we know how exciting they can be?

Participating companies

Participating companies at Kjemidagen:


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Kjemidagen welcomes all students to the event!